Seller: Technofluid S.r.l.
Location: Via della Concordia, 134
98057 Milazzo (Me)
Telephone: +39 090931976
VAT number: IT3148240835
Tax Code: IT3148240835
Domain: www.technofluid.it
e-mail: infotechnofluid@gmail.com


The only accepted payment method is Pay Pal (credit card).

Additional costs and expenses

For all orders processed in Italy less than € 150.00 (VAT included) the shipping costs to be added to the total cost of the items included in the cart are fixed at € 9.03 (VAT included).
For amounts over € 150.00 (VAT included) delivery is FREE throughout the Italian national territory.


The prices published on the website technofluid.it are intended to include VAT, any errors in the publication of certain products and prices, do not bind Technofluid S.r.l. to fulfill any purchase orders by the customer. Technofluid S.r.l. reserves the right to modify prices and products at any time.

Rate of VAT

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Shipping time and delivery of products

The shipment of the goods is usually made on the same day as the payment. The management of the sale of some items can still generate a delay of one/ two additional days. Once the goods are shipped, delivery is made in 48/72 hours throughout Italy by express courier.
The availability of the product specified in the card itself is purely indicative, because of the daily movements of sales, going temporarily under stock, there may be delays in some shipments.

Right of withdrawal

Technofluid S.r.l. acknowledges the right of withdrawal as provided by current legislation. The period to use this right is 15 days as required by law. By this date, the customer is required to send written and signed communication by registered letter, headed with the following data:

To the attention of Technofluid S.r.l.
Via della Concordia, 134
98057 Milazzo (Me) - ITALY

Together with the sending of the letter, the customer is required to send, by courier, the goods, placing them in adequate packaging in order to ensure the integrity of the goods during transport and any receipt or bill of sale. This packaging, as for the written communication, must be sent within 15 days of receipt of the goods purchased, to the same address indicated above for the shipment of the registered letter.
Within 20 days of receipt of the registered letter and the goods, Technofluid S.r.l. will make the refund for the exact amount that the customer has paid for the purchase of the goods ordered. The only expense that the customer must incur then, to exercise the right of withdrawal, is the shipping cost for sending the registered letter and the courier transport costs for sending the goods to our headquarters.


For the purposes of the protection and processing of personal data communicated by you, as expressed by the law on privacy, Technofluid S.r.l. declares that your data will not be disclosed in any way and/ or resold to third parties.