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Legal notice and privacy

Access to this website by visitors is subject to the following conditions.
Le informazioni, i loghi, gli elementi grafici, i suoni, le immagini, i marchi e quant'altro pubblicato e/o riprodotto in questo sito sono di proprietà di (o concesso da terzi in uso a) Technofluid S.r.l.

The information, logos, graphics, sounds, images, trademarks and anything else published and/or reproduced on this site are the property of (or granted by third parties in use to) Technofluid S.r.l. Reproduction of the content of the site is allowed only with the written permission of Technofluid S.r.l. It is therefore prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit or disseminate without permission the content of this site.

In particular, it is forbidden to copy computer programs (software) that determine the operation of this site, create programs similar to these, trace and/ or use the source code of the aforementioned programs.

Technofluid S.r.l. does not guarantee the constant updating of the information contained in this site nor can it be held responsible for any damage, including computer virus infections, that visitors' equipment should suffer due to access and/or interconnection with this site or the download (download) of its content.

The hyperlinks (links) on this site can direct visitors' search to web pages on sites other than this one. In this case, Technofluid S.r.l. does not assume any responsibility either for the content of what is published on such sites and for the use that third parties may make of them, or for any damage caused by or caused by access to such sites, the interconnection with them or the downloading of their contents.

Any personal information sent to the website of Technofluid S.r.l. will be treated in accordance with the law on privacy.

Any non-personal information communicated to Technofluid S.r.l. through this website (including suggestions, ideas, drawings, projects, etc..) shall confer on the latter the exclusive, unlimited and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute such non-personal information. The communication of such information will automatically involve the transfer of the same, free of charge, exclusively and with every broader right and faculty, to Technofluid S.r.l. This site is governed by the laws in force in the territory of the Italian Republic.

Privacy andTechnofluid S.r.l.

The processing of personal data communicated by visitors to Technofluid S.r.l. through this site will take place in the following ways.

Technofluid S.r.l. is the data controller of the personal data communicated to it by the visitors of this site.

This data will be used by Technofluid S.r.l. for the purposes for which the data subject has provided his consent. Data Controller: Technofluid S.r.l. Via della Concordia n.134, 98057 Milazzo (ME).

Anyone who has provided their personal data to Technofluid S.r.l., authorizing the processing for a certain purpose, will have the right, at any time, to exercise the rights referred to in the Code in Matters of Protection of Personal Data (D.Lgs.196/2003), art. 7, contacting Technofluid S.r.l., Via della Concordia n.134, 98057 Milazzo (ME).

Technofluid S.r.l., through this site collects anonymous data and information (type of browser, geographical location, date and time) that it processes, including through the use of cookies, to obtain the best management and optimization of the site, as well as for statistical purposes and to collect more information on its products and their consumption. This information may reside on servers located in Italy or on central servers, but will not in any case be communicated by the owner or its Managers to third parties or used to contact visitors to the site unless they request or consent.

The communication of personal data relating to a child must be carried out by a parent or by a person exercising power over the child.

Marketing information and relationships with social networks

It refers to any personal information that is part of a user’s profile on a third-party social network (such as Facebook) which, with express permission, may share this information with Technofluid S.r.l. . The sharing of such information takes place only and exclusively through interaction with a web application of Technofluid S.r.l. resident in a Social Network or through a click made within Technofluid S.r.l. sites with icons of connection with such Social Network (Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect...). The information that may be shared with Technofluid S.r.l. by the Social Network includes for example name, email address, gender, date of birth, current city, profile image, user ID, list of friends, etc.. and any other information or activity that you have expressly authorized the third-party social network to share with application developers. For more information on how Technofluid S.r.l. may obtain your data from a third-party social network (or other third-party application developers), we recommend that you visit the relevant social network site and check your currently set privacy settings and privacy policy.

Technofluid S.r.l. may collect and use the information received by these Social Networks for advertising purposes, for sending marketing communications such as email, SMS text messages and traditional mail. If you choose to receive SMS text messages, the rates of the telephone service provider may apply. Marketing communications may also be displayed on other websites, including social media sites to which you are subscribed, following the combination of activities or information collected on websites owned by Technofluid S.r.l. with those collected on third-party sites ("Targeted Advertising"). These marketing communications will allow you to stay up to date on the latest news, events, special offers and promotions related to Technofluid S.r.l. brands of interest. Occasionally, these communications may show content referring to other trademarks of Technofluid S.r.l. and will inform you about offers and promotions of other third party companies. Sending marketing communications mostly requires the collection and use of certain personal and demographic information. In some cases (for example for smartphone and tablet applications and text messaging programs), this may involve the use of geo-technologylocalization, which may allow Technofluid S.r.l. to send offers and promotions based on the place where you are located. The use of this latest technology is always linked to your direct and explicit authorization, which may be revoked at any time.

Technofluid S.r.l. also uses the Google Analytics platform to monitor its sites specifically:

The advertising functions of Google Analytics implemented.
Like you and third-party providers use original cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) or other third-party proprietary identifiers and cookies (such as the doubleclick cookie) or other third-party identifiers together.

If you want to disable the functions of Google Analytics from your browser then we invite you to visit the google page from which to download and install on your browser the plug-inin to disable the features currently available for the Google Analytics Web.

At any time, the cancellation of the subscription to email marketing communications or text messages may be made following the instructions provided in each communication received. It will be possible to change the communication preferences in the dedicated section of the site (if available). Changing these options may result in removal from the lists for future targeted advertising. In addition, you can check the cancellation options from targeted communications that may also be available within the social media sites of which you are a part. Even if you decide not to receive marketing communications from Technofluid S.r.l., it will still be possible to receive administrative communications such as confirmation of orders, notifications on activities related to your account (for example, account confirmations, password changes, etc.), and other important communications. In addition, you will still see generic ads on other websites, even on social media sites of which you are a member.